Sunday, August 30, 2009

it was horrible !

why why and why ?
manchester didn't play that well last night .
why must they win ?
there must be something wrong with last night's game .
when first half ended,rse happy gilaa sbb leading 1-0 because of arshavin's wonderful shot .
ben foster pown x dpt tgkp .
hahaa !
then second half started .
entah all out of a sudden ttbe jew rooney dpt penalty .
rooney jahatt !
and then after that diaby plak bwat hal ttbe own goal .
why ?
to all arsenal supporters, don't worry .
the first and the only game yg arsenal akan kala
h this league .
and to manutd supporters,tunggu jew laa .
nnti second game you''ll lose and will wish that you've never entered epl .
for more info on this catastrophe,visit or .

Friday, August 28, 2009


assalamualaikum .
first post of d millenium.
actually mengade2 je nk bwat blog nih .
entah kenape .
ttbe je dpt hidayah .
nk ikut trend, konon !
wuteva pon, to readers, selamat berpuasa .
may Allah bless all of us in this holy month of ramadhan .
tengokk ..
da x taw nk tulis ape .
tu la gatal lg bwat blog .
gedikk .
sempat lg bwat blog while homework x hbs2 lg .
entah laa .