Saturday, September 5, 2009

we're gonna miss u !

(just simple words to describe each one of you)
miss shidah : cheerful n gorgeous
miss fitriyah : cute n generous
miss norazila : talkative n happy-go-lucky
miss aida : friendly yet quiet
sir furkan : gaya habiss !
sir hisham : kembar sir furkan
sir khusaini : childish sket but yet he rockss !


yesterday suckss !
know why ?
coz smue practical teacher da blk campus .
sadiss .
tr shidah,tr fitriyah, tr norazila, tr mazidatulaida, tr hisham, tr furkan and tr khusaini are now gone .
first day dorg dtg cuakk gilaa .
muka ketat2 uhh .
but as time goes on and kitorg mken knal they seem to be nice .
susah gilaa ouh na marah .
tp kuat merajuk .
and then diorg organize kem bijak .
sume actvty bapak bestt !
but the malam yg last 2 ruined everythng .
ttbe lak ad student yg bajett gilaa tunjuk bulu kaki ingt baguss sgt .
luckily hero of the day muncul .
talhah stood up for the teachers .
cheers for talhah .
and then the rain came .
cam kebetulan plakk .
mse tgh sdeyh2 hujan turun .
bdk aspura lg sdeyh .
blk asrama basah2 .
the next morning .
ad lg activity .
tp da bowink da .
sbb smue da x de mood .
all because of last night's incident .
jackass posers !
nak tegur pown ad cara uhh .
nie maen lepas uhh .
kn da termaki tgh2 bualn puase nie .
da terlbeyh plak citer .
panas punye pasal .
but yesterday smue memory 2 terkenang kembali .
jiwang karat .
dorg punye last day .
exchanged gifts .
took pictures .
sdeyh bangat !
wuteva pown to all teachers tersebut good luck .
may Allah bless u all 2 ur good deeds and all that u've thought us .
thank u sgt2 !
only god knows how to repay ur kindness .
syg u all ketat2 !


  1. okeh...comel nye post korg...terharu....

    especially yg bab "kuat merajuk"...

    anyway thanx 4 d post


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